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Sales Managers

Develop a sales force that engages your customers at a strategic level to innovate and develops new business opportunities.


HR Managers

Upgrade your organisation’s
commercial capabilities


Sales People

Become your organisation’s next
Strategic Account Manager or
Business Development Manager.


Sales Managers Co-Create Value with Your Customer and Multiply your Sales Impact

Our Co-Creation Bootcamp enables your sales force to learn by applying the co-creation approach directly with their customers. Each participant is required to engage a number of their customers at a strategic level and develop new business opportunities together with them. The bootcamp combines training and on the job implementation avoiding the need for a lengthy and costly change management approach. 

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HR Managers Grow your Commercial Capabilities with Unparalleled Insight

Our assessment tools enables you to assess and develop the commericial capabilities within your organisation. Our tools range from assessing the competencies all the way down to assessing the genetic makeup of each individual sales person. Our Sales DNA Kit enables your sales people to uncover their personality traits by providing them with a unique vue into their own biology. Based on this unique insight your sales people will be better prepared to bridge the gap between selling and co-creating value with their customers. 

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Sales People Develop Your Skills and Become a Strategic Seller

Develop your skills and become the next Strategic Account Manager or Business Development Manager in your organisation. Our courses are based on the latest proven scientific models and techniques allowing you to engage your customers and co-create value with them. Our serious business games enable you to simulate various sales situations and learn about the right approaches to handle them.

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Found out how sales organisations around the world stay current with latest technological
and consumer trends and sustain their competitive edge. This book is based on several years
of research between several universities in the Netherlands and the UK.

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Our vision

This is not another selling methodology. Our approach harnesses the power of value co-creating to take any form of personal selling - key account management, consultative selling - and shape them into a high value add process unique to you and your customers. As your market, customers and product portfolio change, our approach will enable you to adapt to your and your customer needs and avoid to become a commodity. Want to innovate new products with your customers, develop strategic relationships, of harness the power of an eco system of customers our approach takes care of it. This is not a standard selling methodology aimed at targeting and persuading customers. This is your personal tool to co-create value with and for your customers. Many organizations are already using our approach to co-create value with their customers. The next organization could be you.

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