The co-creator

Co-Creation Bootcamp Get sales people to co-create value with their customers

Co-Creation requires taking a fundamentally new approach to creating and delivering business value to customers. The bootcamp provides a platform for your sales people to learn and test the new approach with their customers while being coached and guided through the process. Compared with a training session the Co-Creation Bootcamp provides the following benefits:

  • Spread over Time

    The bootcamp session are composed of small sessions spread over several weeks. This allows the participants to assimilate and integrate their learnings into their daily working life. 

  • Tailor Made

    The content of the sessions are adapted to the specific needs and situation of the participants.

  • Active / Participative

    The participants have to complete assignments in between workshops in order to apply the learnings and get feedback. 

  • Workshops

    The sessions are based on workshops rather then training sessions. The focus is on applying the learning directly on real customer cases.

  • Involvement

    We believe that by involving your sales people in the design of the new apporach for their organisation ensures that they will feel some degree of ownership of the proposed changes and therefore are more likely to implement them.  

  • 70:20:10

    The Bootcamp is designing to ensure that while perhaps 10 or 20 percent of the learning will happen during the workshops and the interaction with the colleagues, 70 percent will happen by having the participants engaging customers in-between the workshops.

Program overview The workshops that will be spread over time are:

1. Future Trends in Sales

During this session the participants will learn: 

- What are the current and future trends in sales? The participants will analyse the current and future trends in their market and identify the implications it has for their organisation. 

- What is value co-creation? The partcipants will learn about the difference between Value In Exchange (product based approach) and Value in Use (customer based approach) and what it means for sales. 

3. Identifying Customer Strategic Goals

During this session the participants will learn:

- What the strategic goals of their customers are? The participants will present to each other the resutls of their strategic conversations. 
- How to analyse the strategic goals and challenges of customers? The participants will analyse the information obtains during their interviews and identify a common set of goals and challenges. 

5. Delivering the Value Proposition

During this session the participants will play the co-creation game in order to learn:
- What are the phases in the Co-Creation Process? The participant will learn how the traditional sales process where the customer is target must replaced by a business transformation process where Delivering the Value Proposition the customer is partner.
- How to manage a business development project? The participants will learn how leadership and change management are becoming the most important skills they need to develop to manage co-creation projects with their customers.

2. Strategic Conversations

During this session the participants will learn: 

- How to focus on the customer’s goals rather than their problems? The participants will present cases and methods to transform the traditional sales process into an added value service using methods such as Design Thinking and Jobs To Be Done. 

- How to manage strategic conversation with customers? The participants will learn how to conduct meaningful conversations with customers and analyse it’s content to understand their ambitions using a technique based on the Socratic Dialogue and Strategy Mapping.

4. Value Proposition Design

During this session the participants will learn:

- How to design a value proposition? The participants will learn how to design a value proposition based on their customer's strategic goals. 

- How to communicate / present the new value proposition?  The particpants will leanr how to present the early drafts of their value proposition to their customers in order to engage them in finalising the design. 

Outcome After this session the participants will know:

  • what is value co-creation and how it can help them to add more value to their customers.
  • how to use our tools and frameworks to co-create value with their customers
  • what are the different forms of co-creation in B2B sales
  • what is Design Thinking and how it can be applied to solve complex problems in sales.
  • how to manage innovation projects in close collaboration with customers.
  • how to lead and manage change within organisations